In indicating the pattern of an interrogative sentence, we shall do the following things:

(a) place at the end of the pattern a question mark enclosed in brackets,

(b) use a separate notation for the auxiliary when it is separated from the primary verb, and

(c) indicate below the function of an interrogative word its exact nature

-ie., Interrogative pronoun, interrogative adjective, or interrogative adverb.

Directions: Copy the examples on your own paper, then write original sentences w/ the same patterns.

You lost your purse?

Pattern: Subject-Verb-MODIFIER-Object[?]

Did he buy the coat?

Pattern: AUXILIARY-Subject-Verb-Object[?]

Who brought that gift?

Pattern: Subject - Verb- MODIFIER- Object[?]

Interr ogative pronoun

Whom does he want?

Pattern: Object -AUXILIARY- Subject- Verb[?]

Interrogative pronoun

Which drink did she order?

Pattern: MODIFIER - Object- AUXILIARY -Subject- Verb [?]

Interrogative adjective

When does the class start?

Pattern: MODIFIER - AUXILIARY- Subject- Verb[?]

Interrogative adverb

How long was the play?

Pattern: MODIFIER- Adjective Complement -Linking Verb- Subject[?]

Interrogative adverb

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