Sentences Introduced by Interrogative Adverbs

An interrogative adverb is one which is used to ask a question..

The interrogative adverbs are :
    when , where, why, and how.

Note that an interrogative adverb which modifies a verb inquires concerning the circumstances surrounding the verb action.

Word 0rder in Questions Asked by Interrogative Words

With regard to word-order, the primary characteristic of interrogative sentences based on interrogative words is that the interrogative word almost always comes at the beginning of the sentence.
As a result, there are two types of word-order.

If the interrogative word is the subject or is a modifier linked with the subject, the word-order of the interrogative sentence is the same as that of a similar declarative sentence.


Who did it? [Compare: He did it.]

Which team won? [Compare: Our team won.]

An interrogative adverb, like the other interrogative words, may be used in both direct and indirect questions.

As you can see by now, this sort of information isnít really that difficult to understand , if English is your primary language;
however, breaking things down into rudimentary elements now helps later, when the concepts become more challenging.

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