An imperativesentence is one which sets forth a command or a request.

A period is used to close such a sentence unless the sentence is also exclamatory.

The word-order of the imperative sentence is normally the same as that of the declarative sentence,

but the subject is usually understood rather than expressed.

Directions : Copy the examples on your own paper then write original sentences following the same patterns.


(YOU) Listen.

Pattern: (Subject)-Verb

(You) Close the door.

Pattern: (Subject) -Verb-Object

(You) Be quiet.

Pattern: (Subject) -Linking Verb-Adjective Complement [What’s an adjective complement?]

With the understood subject you supplied, each of these imperative sentences fits one of the basic sentence patterns, and the word-order of each sentence is the same as that of a similar declarative sentence.

Imperative of ‘to study’

Present Tense

Singular  Plural 2nd Person         study         study


2nd Person         be studying     be studying

Let’s review : Copy & select the correct answer :


1- He likes swimming.

2- The politician addressed the crowd.

3- Close the book.

4- Be polite.

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