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  See p. 765 Bedford Handbook, 5th ed. about
                                                           Participial Phrases & Gerund Phrases .

GERUNDS function as
                S.     [ By the way, remind me- What’s a noun? ]

Copy the examples & compose original sentences following the same patterns.

1- Studying assignments carefully pays dividends.
   Gerund + Object + Adv. Mod.

2- Drinking Electric Lemonade and eating oysters refreshed me.
   Compound Subject            Verb Object
   [ Gerund – Obj. ] and [ Gerund Obj. ]

3- She enjoys practicing swimming laps for the competitions.
   Subject – Verb - Object - Prepositional Phrases.
   Gerund – Object – Mod.
  {Gerund Phrase within a Gerund Phrase}

                    Hang in there, we’ll discuss phrases much more.

                                                     Let’s move on to CLAUSES!

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