Types of Phrases

      Bedford Handbook 5th ed.                        page #

  •     absolute                                             768
  •     appositive                                          767
  •     gerund                                                765
  •     infinitive                                             766
  •     participial                                           765
  •     prepositional                                      756
  •     verbal                                                 763

  • Copy the examples & compose original sentences following the same patterns.


                        is  usually preceded by  to.


    She wants to leave. Thatís the lady to see. He was eager to go.

    An infinitive can function as - -

    a] a noun, b] an adjective, or c] an adverb,.

    Examples :

    a] To attend is necessary. b] She collected the money to be given. c] He played to win.

    Identify the basic sentence patterns used above.


                        functions as an adjective.


    Hurrying, I signed the check.
    The car had a scratched hood.

    Identify the following sentence patterns, also noting the participle &/or participial phrase.

    1- The greased pig eluded the boys.

    2- We heard a crying baby.

    3- The team, having won, celebrated boisterously.

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