Writing Quiz
Review of Sentence Structure

Only one sentence in each pair  below is correct.

Read both sentences carefully before you decide. Then write the correct sentence .

You may find any one of these errors:

run-together sentence


wrong verb form

lack of agreement between subject and verb

wrong pronoun

faulty reference of pronoun

dangling modifier

lack of parallel construction

shift in time or person

1 . A. They invited Juan and me to go along.
     B. They invited Juan and I to go along.

2. A. He ask his parents for more money, and they gave it to him.
    B. They gave an award to him and his brother.

3. A.One cannot make people learn; you can only show them the way.
    B. I've worked really hard and think I'll pass the course.

4. A. The director asked Kristin and me to help with the publicity.
    B.I can't decide whether to be a secretary, a nurse, or go into teaching.

5. A.Having finished washing the car, I found the swimming pool inviting.
    B.Kirk told the professor that his watch was wrong.

6. A. Have you finish your assignment yet?
    B. He invited my brother and me to go for a ride in his boat.

7. A. Most of the class were prepared for the exam.
    B.I finished my math then I spent the rest of the evening watching TV.

8. A. Racing down the hill, I fell and sprained my ankle.
    B. I made the lunch, set the table, and then I sat down to wait.

9. A. Having prepared a tasty lunch, the table looked beautiful.
    B.We got an invitation from him and his wife.

10. A. A list of required readings was posted in the library.
      B. I rewrote my paper, typed it, and proofread it, and then I ran for class.